November 1, 2016

PART 1  

BY Robert G Leclair

Preamble to my articles:

This is a three part article that addresses the war on domestic violence waged by VAWA and OVW. The OVW war has only made matters worse
and has not protected the women that desperately need protection. Restraining orders have not stopped women from being abused and in many
cases have inflicted pain and suffering too many children and has actually encouraged a fatherless society. OVW’s approach is so exclusionary
that it was doomed from the beginning.

The multi-billion dollar government program under VAWA needs a thorough reform if we want to protect women, men and children. I am a staunch
supporter of protecting women…my daughter was a victim of domestic violence. I guided her through the process and identified many of the
inherent flaws. In her case, I feared the judge’s decision more than I feared the perpetrator. My daughter’s plight ended successfully…no thanks to
the flawed process.

Until VAWA is redefined and OVW is dismantled and reorganized to resolve the real issues, the gender war will continue unabated and more and
more innocent people will go unprotected, endangering a vast number of children caught in the middle. And, the fatherless society will grow and
plague a greater number of children.

Now you know where I am coming from…  

Robert G Leclair

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Radical feminism infiltrated our political system in the 90’s and fell into the same trap that our politicians were mired in…power and greed. Since
then the radical feminist agenda and ideology has played a major part in framing and endorsing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and
influencing the policies and procedures established by the Violence Against Women Office (OVW) in the US Department of Justice Department.
Billions of tax dollars were spent over the past two decades by this federal agency to wage a war against violence and abuse of women. In 2016,
the federal dollars allocated to OVW has jumped to over 1 billion dollars per year to support this war.

Over the past 2 decades OVW has spawned, helped organize and awarded federal grants to thousands of non-profit organizations to espouse,
support and promote its policies, procedures and agenda throughout the US and now to other nations. Also, other US federal agencies have used
part of their own financial budgets to support various aspects of OVW’s fight to eradicate domestic violence for the past decades.

There is no doubt that the fight by OVW has become highly politicized and subjected to the politics in Washington. All the political talk is focused
on the 2016 candidates for president and all the sex exploits of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton and how it is affecting the women vote. The issue
revolves around these two powerful male human beings who have undermined morality and social dignity with their sexually depraved behavior.
Their actions towards women cannot be condoned and I don’t blame women for being highly offended.

The radical feminists and OVW responded to this male sexual affront with unfortunately hypocrisy and deceit. Just compare the actions of Bill
Clinton and Donald Trump. Bill Clinton on TV told millions of parents and children “I did not have sex with that woman” indicating that oral sex was
not sex. Trump made lewd and lecherous remarks about the female body that millions of parents and children heard on televised tapes.

The different and distinct treatment of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump was totally hypocritical and deceitful. In 1998, this is but a few of the quotes
by female leaders lending support to Bill Clinton:

“We are witnessing a relentless campaign -- both inside and outside the government -- to hound President Clinton out of office”.

“And some of those who are leading the charge against Mr. Clinton are among the worst foes of women's rights. The opponents of the President
have a political agenda that will harm women long after the scandal has faded from the front pages”.

”While women are angry and do not condone his conduct, women want President Clinton to remain in office”.

“Gender gaps in public opinion poll results persist, with more women than men opposing Mr. Clinton's impeachment, supporting his policies, and
approving of his presidency and leadership”.

“As feminist leaders, we will not stand idly by while a Congress made up of nearly 90 percent men attempts to remove the first president elected by
women voters. While President Clinton's record for women's rights is less than perfect, on balance women have had an ally in the White House”.
Signed by all the feminist leaders

Gloria Steinem a leading feminist stated "Clinton should be censured for lying under oath about Lewinsky in the Paula Jones deposition, perhaps
also for stupidity in answering at all." And also stated “she felt feminists spoke for the majority of Americans in saying the Clinton-Lewinsky affair
was no one's business if there was "no coercion, harassment, or violence. When Monica testified, she was very clear that she wanted and initiated
this relationship… We have to listen to what women say."

Eleanor Smeal stated ”We deplore his misconduct, but we also understand the hypocrisy of his opponents” and “It would bring to a standstill our
chances of passing the Violence Against Women Act II and the Fair Pay Act, strengthening Social Security for women, and raising the minimum

Why the hypocrisy and deceit? Just follow the money trail in Bill Clinton’s Executive Orders which were supported and touted by his wife Hillary.
Could it be that those executive orders granting programs and funds were sort of a veiled “get even” threat to elicit support from the feminist
groups which she enjoys even to this day in 2016?

Now, Donald Trump’s lewd and lecherous talk on a televised tape cannot be condoned and you can’t discount the affect it had on our children. I’m
sure Bill Clinton’s TV address had much of a similar devastating effect. Radical feminist leaders and OVW are justified in their attack on Trump;
however, they are hypocritical and deceitful for supporting Bill Clinton for similar offensive behaviors.

Most democrats and republicans justifiably expressed disgust and disdain for the Clinton Lewinski affair. I was so appalled that I emailed many
senators and congressmen expressing the view that President Clinton’s actions did not rise to the level of impeachment and that both parties
should ask him to resign...and, let him be the judge of his own action. No republican or democrat responded to my email. Radical feminists and
female politicians certainly did voice their opinion that Bill’s affair was “consensual, personal and none of anybody’s business”. Did they forget that
it was more or less adultery…he was married to Hillary?

The hypocrisy and deceit lies with the radical feminists and the Office of Violence Against Women who have waged the war on domestic violence
based on the ideology that domestic violence is caused by a patriarchal society and controlling men. That is an outright insult to most fathers
whose only crime was an upbringing that taught us to respect women and that we should be the bread winners of the family. The breadwinner role
has changed over time but the respect for women has not.

The real travesty of all this hypocrisy and deceit is revealed in the policies and procedures implemented by OVW in the civil restraining order
process whereby false accusation of domestic violence are not identified and are treated the same as allegations that are genuine and true… all
restraining orders are arbitrarily granted. False allegations result in devastation for many innocent people and devastate their children whereas
allegations that are true leave many women and children unprotected.

What is extremely alarming is the fact that the radical feminists who supported and influenced the ideology of the Violence Against Women Act  
and supported the policies and procedures of the Office of Violence Against Women could be so hypocritical as to give Clinton a slap on the wrist
and a pass and then turn around and try to crucify Trump for similar sexual exploits. As you can see by the quotes the treatment of Clinton is
seemingly based on a Quid Pro Quo.

So far I have not seen any substantive approach in this election to address the war on domestic violence waged by OVW. Is it working or failing to
protect women…has it produced any unintended consequences…what is the fallout or has it had any extensive collateral damage…has it
seriously affected children and how?


Apparently the war on domestic violence waged by OVW and the need for reform is not on the same level as the election issues of the Economy,
ISIS, National security…etc; but because of its serious downward spiraling effect on America’s families and children - plus its ignored huge affect
on the finances of the middle class - it should be elevated to a priority level.

I fear America’s failed war on domestic violence, our efforts to stem the tide of divorce or ignoring the need for reform, the enemies of shared
custody and soon an explosive gender war… a hell of a lot more than I fear ISIS . And so should you!

ISIS may kill us but will not destroy this country whereas the failed VAWA approach and the egregious collateral damage will corrupt the American
society, destroy families and family values and forever kill the dreams of our children.

Watch for Parts 2 and 3 in coming days to reveal just how political hypocrisy and deceit affect our society and American values:

          Part 2 shows how it attempts to stop all efforts to make shared custody the norm in the divorce process and how it exacerbates the
adversarial   process in divorce.

          Part 3 shows how Hillary Clinton and the Office of Violence Against  Women are complicit in a failed war to eradicate domestic violence.


VAWA...Violence Against Women Act
(authorized by Congress
in 1994 and reauthorized in 2013)

OVW.....Office on Violence Against Women
funded by VAWA
(Agency in US Department of Justice)