JULY 2, 2015

The book reveals numerous factors that were not addressed by OVW in its approach  to provide solutions for the Violence Against the Women
Act. Billions of appropriated tax dollars were squandered on a veiled and failed attempt to protect women from domestic violence.
Consequently, American citizens have been duped into thinking that we are winning the war on domestic violence, lulling women in a false
sense of security.
Therefore...the need for urgency!

Why is the public not aware of this fiasco? OVW  the strong arm of VAWA is so powerful and has so much money that the media is very
attentive to all their dictates. Those who dare challenge OVW's approach and process are  simply ignored, knowing that they can't compete
with government funds. Ironically, most of the individuals dispelling the myths of OVW/VAWA are knowledgeable women who understand what
is really happening in the world of domestic violence. Unfortunately, these women don't have the same financial resources nor the exorbitant
number of nationally affiliated organizations that are often funded by OVW grants. View several articles written by women that are critical of
VAWA,s approach to end the violence against women (click on the links in the left columns). Form your own opinion as to the validity and
credibility of these articles.  Doctor Christina Villegas authored an eloquent and factual doctoral thesis  based on dispelling the myths
associated with VAWA (click here
Villegas)  to read one of her many articles.

VAWA/OVW has the power and the funds to ignore or silence those who disagree  with its approach and policies.
Doctor Sommers, a renowned author and professor, was  demeaned and denigrated because of her opinions and views. Her treatment by
VAWA advocates shows how low people will stoop to promote a cause…even a cause that is seriously flawed. How can people in a responsible
position attempt to silence someone in such a vile manner?  Prolific book author, columnist, speaker and contributor to prestigious journals
and magazines
Wendy McElroy published this about the incident:

Good Will Toward Men
December 18, 2001
by Wendy McElroy, mac@ifeminists.com

Thoughtful women are fighting back against gender feminism's "war on men." One indication that they are succeeding is the malicious
backlash they encounter. A few years ago, women opposing gender feminism would have been ignored.

The latest target of the backlash gender feminists are unleashing against their critics is the renowned gender-feminist critic, Christina Hoff
Sommers. Sommers was recently silenced by government officials who told her to cease her presentation at a tax-funded conference to which
she had been invited. Sommers' transgression?  She called for scientific studies to evaluate the effectiveness of government programs. During
a Q&A session, professor Jay Wade, an expert on "listening skills" at Fordham University, shouted for Sommers to
shut the f--- up, b--ch!" The audience laughed. The organizers made no objection.


OVW is conducting the war on violence against women under the assumption that women are the only victims of violence...an approach
doomed to failure! Many studies have shown that men and children can also be victims (
Harvard Study). A war on domestic violence must
encompass protection for women, men and children in order to eradicate violence. Any other approach will fail, including the VAWA approach
which has been funded for decades with $billions$ of our tax dollars !

OVW is one of the few federal agencies that  seems  allowed to be discriminatory and exclusionary in establishing  solutions, policies and
procedures for women as victims of domestic violence.

VAWA...Violence Against Women Act
(authorized by Congress
in 1994 and reauthorized in 2013)

OVW.....Office on Violence Against Women
funded by VAWA
(Agency in US Department of Justice)