It is unfortunate and
incomprehensible that all Washington
politicians are clueless or have been
duped into thinking that VAWA and
OVW have been highly successful in
eliminating domestic violence and
violence against women.  Not
so...women are now increasingly more
vulnerable and lulled into a false
sense of security in spite of the
billions of tax dollars spent during the
past two decades and the 2016
approved tax funding of 2.5 billion
dollars per year for OVW...a huge
amount of tax dollars for a failed

Congress must support rewriting
VAWA and dismantle and reconstruct
of OVW if the goal is to protect
women, men and children from
violence and abuse to wipe out
domestic violence.

This site reflects the views, the
writings and the fifty years of
research/development conducted by
Robert G. Leclair in the field of
Domestic Violence and Divorce.  
The site is devoted to the many
conclusions and recommendations
he has suggested over the years
and recent articles.